The Team

The team behind EDF includes specialists in ecology, biology, medicine, and veterinary science. Understanding emergent disease requires referring to all these subjects.

The Trustees

Catrina Steedman BSc(Hons) MSB

Catrina Steedman completed a BSc in Psychology at Plymouth University in 1987. Being particularly interested in behavioural problems associated with animals in captivity she then worked for the Zoo Check Charitable Trust and assisted with their European Survey of Zoos. Catrina became particularly interested in reptile biology and conservation and was referred to Clifford Warwick to pursue practical work. Following several months of biological data processing within Warwick’s consultancy she was invited to participate as an assistant field researcher studying ecological effects of the human harvesting of freshwater terrapin populations in North America, crocodilian slaughter methods used within ranching operations, and reptile behavioural problems in zoos.

In 1989 Catrina helped to establish the Reptile Protection Trust and acted as one of its Trustees and Treasurer. She was the primary person responsible for project co-ordination, information collation and dissemination, as well as most management responsibilities. She became heavily involved with both field and laboratory studies including species status and environmental alteration from snake hunting, biological considerations of reptiles in laboratory projects, monitoring the human culinary markets in turtles and snakes, and the biological considerations of wildlife trade and non-indigenous invasive species. Catrina has also co-researched various public health projects, and she has co-authored scientific papers and reports that have been published in scientific and medical journals and by the European Commission. Her research work and other professional responsibilities earned her post-graduate AMSB status from the Society of Biology.

Hannah Munroe-Burrows BA(Hons)

Hannah Munroe-Burrows completed her BA(Hons) degree in Education Studies and Psychology at the University of Durham, where she focused on educational beliefs across cultures.

Hannah has a particular interest in the welfare and education of young people, notably those who live in less developed and difficult environments, and has worked at the Grandsons of Abraham mission in Mombasa, Kenya, where she spent three months as a teacher, carer, friend and counselor to street children aged between 9 and 21. She also spent a further three months teaching English at the New Chinese Association, Hong Kong.

Hannah’s teaching and communication experience with young people in isolated and deprived conditions offers EDF direct insight into a wide variety of local lifestyles and health needs, which are important to understanding disease prevention and control.